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QRadar: Flow data not getting to Console



There is Flow data coming in from a Cisco firewall, but it is not seen in the Network Activity tab.


No flows are displayed in the Network Activity tab for the affected Flow Source.


The Cisco device is not sending template packets.

Diagnosing The Problem

From a command line, run the tcpdump filtered command below for at least 10 minutes for the affected flow source

tcpdump -i eth0 -nneXXs90 port <port#> and host <ipaddress> and 'ether[62:2] = 0x0000'

Keep it running for at least 30 minutes. This needs to be run on the appliance collecting flows. If you don't see packets coming in, see the section "Resolving the problem".

Resolving The Problem

Netflow v9 uses templates to help determine what data is being sent in the packets. The templates come out only at set intervals. Without the template packets, qflow will not understand what it is receiving.

You need to contact your Cisco Administrator and ask them to configure the device to send the template packets.

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02 February 2021