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QRadar: Events from VMware ESX log sources parse as Linux OS DSM events

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Why does QRadar not identify some events, such as SSH, from VMWare ESX Log source? On my system, these events types display a low level category of stored or unknown.


Some devices send not only their specific events, but also send the underlying operating system events. For example, VMware servers can send both specific VMware events for VM restarted, but also operating system events. If the VM was restarted from the command line, the VM server would also send the Linux or Windows event for the SSH session. The SSH event is going to follow the format of the operating system and not the VMware event. This means that the VMware DSM will display the event as unknown or stored.

QRadar DSMs do not typically include parsing of the specific operating system messages that can be generated by the environment that the product lives in.


The events displayed as stored or unknown are likely sshd messages or other operating system events sent by the Linux OS on which the ESX server resides. Administrators who want to parse the underlying operating system events can configure a second log source to properly parse those events or see if the events will auto discover in QRadar.

Since the log sources are coming in as a different format, than expected from the VMware events, QRadar might not auto discover the Linux events. However, if you have recently added the log source, you might need to wait for the log source to automatically discover. It typically takes 15 or 20 events to automatically discover a log source type.

If the log source does not auto discover, then the administrator should configure a log source manually to identify the operating system events. It is recommended that the administrator review the event payload of the stored or unknown operating system event to determine if the header is using a hostname or IP address.

If the log source continues to incorrectly parse the log source after automatic log source discovery or after manually creating the log source, then the administrator can contact customer support for assistance.

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If you have additional questions or some of this content is not clear, you can see the QRadar forum or contact customer support:

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