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Error Opening TDI Configuration Editor (CE)



Miadmin An error has occurred. See the log file \workspace\.metadata\.log


TDI Configuration editor will not launch successfully.

Diagnosing The Problem

Review the .metadata\.log for details.

Resolving The Problem

There are a few troubleshooting steps to resolving the issue. You may need to Cleanup/Remove/Use a new workspace.

If you have chosen to use the default workspace and not prompted upon start, then you will can to modify the UI preference. After modifying the preferences file, you will be prompted to select a workspace where you can enter a new directory.

      Modify the preferences file:

      Go to the <Eclipse_root_dir>\configuration\.settings directory

      Modify the org.eclipse.ui.ide.prefs file.


      You will now be able to select a new or different workspace.

      ** where <Eclipse_root_dir> is <TDI-Install-Dir>\ce\eclipsece

Instead of modifying the preference file, you can start the CE via the ibmditk.bat file from the command line. In this case, you can define a new workspace directory using the -data parameter.

      Start manually via command window:

      Go to the <TDI-Install-Folder>

      Start the ibmditk.bat/sh file with the -data parameter followed by a directory name.

        ibmditk -data <New DirectoryName>

You can also check for the existence of a .snap file. This file can sometimes get quite large and/or corrupted. It is a snapshot file. For this step:

      Go to the <workspace>/.metadata/.plugins/org.eclipse.core.resources/ directory.

      If there is a .snap file, then delete or move to different location.

If your workspace is corrupted, you may need to create a new workspace, then import the data from the corrupted workspace using the File > Import option available in the Configuration Editor.

For future development, you may want to consider adding the -clean option to the Configuration Editor startup file (ibmditk.bat/sh). Follow these steps to modify the file and add the -clean to the startup file.

      Go to the <TDI-Install-Folder>

      Edit the ibmditk.bat/sh file

      Modify the startup line to include the -clean parameter

      "%TDI_HOME_DIR%\ce\eclipsece\miadmin" %* -clean

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