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How to avoid users from getting the file attachment URL and able to open it without logging in?


The steps below provide the instruction that you can use to prevent users from being directed to the attachment URL when opening file attachments.

1. Go to -> System Configuration -> Platform Configuration -> System Properties
2. Filter for mxe.doclink.securedAttachment property name
3. Set the Global value of this property to true (the default value is false)
4. Save and do a Live Refresh
5. Open any existing SCCD ticket. Add an attachment.
6. Click on the Attachment link to view the attached file. Select a file to open.
7. At this time, you will be asked if you wish to open or save the selected file. You will not be directed to the URL that opens the selected file. Thus, you can only open the attachment from within the ticket itself.

NOTE: This behavior is applicable to all the attachments that are attached after the securedAttachment property is changed. It does not work on existing attachments.

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17 June 2018