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QRadar: Adding a custom logo to reports

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How do I add a custom logo to an IBM Security QRadar SIEM report?


To brand reports, you can import logos and specific images. Report branding is beneficial for your enterprise if you support more than one logo. When you upload an image to QRadar, the image is automatically saved as a Portable Network Graphic (PNG). The recommendation is that you use graphics 144 x 50 pixels with a white background.
To brand a report:

  1. Click the Reports tab.
  2. On the navigation menu, click Branding.
  3. Click Browse to browse the files located on your system.
  4. Select the file that contains the desired logo.
  5. Click Open. The file name is displayed in the New Image field.
  6. Click Upload Image to upload the image to QRadar.

    NOTE: To make sure your browser displays the new logo, clear your browser cache.
  7. Select the logo you want to use as the default and click Set Default Image. This logo is displayed as the first option in the drop-down menu in the Specify Content window of the Report Wizard.

 If you upload an image that is larger in length than the report header can support, the image automatically resizes to fit the header. This is approximately 50 pixels in height.

Once you upload a new image and set the image as your default, the new default image will not be applied to report templates that have been previously generated. Updating the logo on previously generated report templates requires you to manually generate new content from the report.

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10 May 2019