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QRadar: Using the Microsoft Windows Event Log Protocol through the Windows Firewall on Windows Server 2008

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For IBM Security QRadar SIEM, how do you configure the Windows Firewall on Microsoft Windows Server 2008 to allow the Windows Event Log Protocol (WMI) to connect to a Microsoft Windows Server 2008?


When trying to use the Windows Event Log Protocol (WMI) to connect to a Microsoft Windows 2008 server with the Windows Firewall enabled, the firewall blocks incoming connections over port TCP/135 and dynamic port ranges.

You must configure rules on Windows Firewall to allow:

  • TCP/135 - the MSC DCE RPC Locator Service
  • A dynamic port range that DCOM uses when communicating to a QRadar SIEM appliance.


Configuring the Windows Firewall to allow a QRadar SIEM IP Address to connect by using Windows Event Log Protocol

Step 1 - Log in to the Windows Server with local Administrator privileges.

Step 2 - On the Windows Server, open the Administrative Tools and launch the Server Manager.

Step 3 - Select Configuration, Windows Firewall and Advanced Security, and then select Inbound Rule. Right-click the Inbound Rule to create a new Inbound rule. Under the rule wizard choose the following options:

  • For Rule Type, select Customer Rule
  • Allow the rule to apply to All Programs
  • For Protocol type, select TCP
  • For Local Ports, select All Ports
  • For Remote Ports, select All Ports
  • For "Which local IP addresses does this rule apply to", select Any IP Address
  • For "Which remote IP addresses does this rule apply to", select These IP addresses and add the IP address of the QRadar collector
  • Select Allow the connection
  • Ensure that the rule is applied to Domain, Private, and Public network connections
  • Give the rule an appropriate Name and Description and save the rules

For additional information, check the DCOM Configuration section of the QRadar DSM Guide for IBM QRadar SIEM

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