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QRadar: Backup and restore between versions and appliances

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Under what circumstances can backup or restore of configurations be applied?


Backups and restores must be applied properly.


Configuration backups:

  • When restoring a configuration backup, it must be restored to a machine with the same product version and patch level. To confirm what version a configuration backup is using, unpack the configuration backup and look in /opt/qradar/conf/patch_list using SSH to a Console.
    Enter the command cat /opt/qradar/conf/patch_list and you will find the current version being used in last entry from the list.
  • Generally, backups cannot be restored between appliance types. You cannot apply a 2100 backup to a 3100 appliance.
Data backups:
  • Data can be restored to any version, but it will need to match the configuration backup for the log or flow sources in order to be correctly identified.
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