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Buildmaximoear process is slow



In some cases the buildmaximoear process is very slow. It takes upwards of 15 minutes to build the maximo.ear file.


Slow ear file build process


Anti-Virus scan software checking on the newly built files.

Resolving The Problem

Maximo ear file is an enterprise archive that can be deployed on J2EE application servers as an application. During the buildmaximoear process, several jar files are built and they are bundled together to create the maximo ear file. On the machine where this buildmaximoear process is run, if there is an Anti-Virus program installed and enabled, it will slow down the build process. The anti-virus protection software scans new files and as a result the build process slows.

The time it takes to build the ear depends on the number of files under maximo folder structure and the machine speed and memory available. If additional components have been installed, the timing can vary. A typical build should be under 5 minutes, generally in the 1-3 minutes range. Any time above this range is considered slow.

If Anti-virus scan software is installed, then add exception to disable scanning of the ear file.

Here is an example scenario of how long the build process took with anti-virus on and with anti-virus off.

With the Anti-virus protection turned on, the build process took 18 minutes.

Here is a sample of how to turn off the scanning on maximo buildear process. Please note that this step is application specific and this is an example using Symantec Enpoint Protection.

Choose Change settings or go to options settings. Choose the File System Auto-protect, choose Centralized Exceptions.

Add your folder that you want to exclude. You can add the Maximo\deployment or the entire Maximo folder to exclude. Close the dialog and click OK to save.

After the above settings changes, you can run the maximo build ear process.

Please check the anti-virus scan tool and add exception to disable maximo deployment folders.

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17 June 2018