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JDBC Gateway : What's the difference with other historical gateways?


The JDBC gateway is the latest historical gateway provided by IBM Tivoli Netcool support.

It uses the JDBC [Java Database Connectivity] system to connect to historical databases.

Previous historical gateways used vendor libraries or third party ODBC drivers.

The full list of historical gateways is:

  • Oracle gateway : Oracle libraries
  • ODBC gateway : DataDirect ODBC drivers
  • JDBC gateway : vendor-provided JDBC drivers

Because the JDBC gateway is the latest historical gateway, and uses standard vendor provided JDBC drivers, it is deemed the better historical gateway to use.

Please refer to the JDBC Gateway manual to determine if the version of historical database required to connect to, is supported. The JDBC Gateway Support Matrix refers to which databases the JDBC Gateway was tested against. The JDBC drivers will support at least those database versions given in the JDBC Gateway Support Matrix. If database support is required and not detailed in the JDBC Gateways Support Matrix, you should raise a Request for Enhancement [RFE] for specific database support.

Note: Gate.Java.ClassPath does not need to be set normally, as any database jars can be placed in the $NCHOME/omnibus/gates/java directory. The exception is when multiple versions of the database jars are required.

Please refer to the JDBC Gateway online manual and the attached Support's Guide to the JDBC Gateway for further details.

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