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Users not visible in Domain User Group from within Cognos



How to make users who are members of the built-in Domain User Group visible when viewed from Cognos?


When browsing the Domain User Group from the Active Directory Namespace in Cognos, only Groups are listed yet users exist when viewed from the Active Directory Users and Computers Management Console.


Windows 2008 R2 - Active Directory.

Resolving The Problem

Change the Primary Group for each of the AD users from the default Domain User Group to any other group.

Manual Method:

1. Open Active Directory Users and Computers
2. Navigate to a user that is a member of the Domain User Group (which does not appear in the AD namespace within Cognos)
3. Right-Click - Properties - Member Of tab - Select a different Group and click on 'Set Primary Group' button.
4. Navigate to Cognos and Browse the Domain User Group and the user now appears.

Note: Please see attached document with steps and screenshot showing the issue and solution.

Scripting approach to changing the Primary Group:

See following links as examples:


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15 June 2018