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Changing the colour of a tab label depending on the defined condition

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How can you change the colour of the Log tab's label when there are worklog or communication log records associated with a Work Order record in the Work Order Tracking application?


Requirement :

If there are any worklog or communication log records associated with a Work Order record, then change the colour of the Log tab's label.

This requirement can be achieved using the Conditional UI setting.

Steps to resolve:

1. Create a condition in the Conditional Expression Manager application.

Condition : T001

Expression : exists ( select 1 from worklog where recordkey=:wonum and class=:woclass and siteid=:siteid )

or exists ( select 1 from commlog where ownerid =:workorderid and ownertable = :woclass)


2. Go to Application Designer --> open the WOTRACK application.

3. Click on the Log tab - Open the 'Tab Properties' window

4. Set values as follows:

Signature Option : READ ( You can use a newly-created sigoption )

Sig Option Data Source ID : MAINRECORD

Click on the 'Configure Conditional Properties' button.

Enter 'MAXADMIN' group ( You can specify your own group ) in the Security Groups table.

Put the condition 'T001' (which you created in Step 1) in Conditions for Security Group MAXADMIN table.

In Property values when condition T001 is true table, put 'labelcss' for property and 'tton' for Value.
cf. tton is defined in the maximo.css file ( which is located in <maximohome>\applications\maximo\maximouiweb\webmodule\webclient\css )

--> This setting means that the Tab label will be changed to 'tton' style.

5. Go to the Work Order Tracking application and open a WO record.

As you can see, the color of the Log tab's label is different from the normal one. This is because that WO has a related worklog or communication log.

This setting will help to notice easily if the a WO is related to worklog or communication log without necessarily checking the Log tab.

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17 June 2018