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Enabling and Disabling Maximo Activity Dashboard in Maximo 7.5 and Maximo 7.6

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Can the Maximo Activity Dashboard be enabled within Maximo 7.5 and 7.6?


Per Performance: Maximo Activity Dashboard (PerfMon) the web.xml entry is enabled by default (so You do not need to make changes to this file) within Maximo 7.5 and Maximo 7.6 To fully enable the Maximo Activity Dashboard – a System Property needs to be added: mxe.webclient.activitydashboard. To enable this property – follow the below steps:

1) Go To – System Configuration – Platform Configuration – System Properties. Within the Global Properties pane – click New Row. Add the following information:

Property Name: mxe.webclient.activitydashboard
Description: Maximo Activity Dashboard (PerfMon)
Global Value: true
Maximo Default: false
Online Changes Allowed?: CHECKED
Live Refresh?: CHECKED

Accept all other default values. Click Save.

2) Within the System Properties application – access the newly added property: mxe.webclient.activitydashboard. Ensure that the Global Value and Current Value are set to true. Click the Checkbox beside the property – Click the Live Refresh icon on the Toolbar – ensure the property is selected and update the value:

Note: There are some differences in the UI of Maximo 7.5 and Maximo 7.6, but the procedure is the same.

3) Open a new browser session – enter the following URL:


Navigate within Maximo with a different user session. The Dashboard will show specific details:

To disable Maximo Activity Dashboard:

In the Systems Properties application, filter for mxe.webclient.activitydashboard.

Expand the property. Clear the true entry from the Global Value field. Click the Save icon.

Select the mxe.webclient.activitydashboard property.

Under Common Actions, click Live Refresh.

Current Value is blank. Configuration was completed and PerfMon is disabled.

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13 July 2020