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Allow the use of a SFID that is different than the SSID in the Partner email address, when using OFTP (Odette FTP). - Sterling Gentran:Server for Microsoft Windows



Allow the use of a SFID that is different than the SSID in the Partner email address, when using OFTP (Odette FTP).


Prior to this fix, it was not possible to send data with a different SFID Originator than the SSID Originator using OFTP.

Version(s): Gentran Server for Windows Version 5.1


Start Session IDentification.
This is a request for initiate a session. It contains information such user and password of the requester.

Start File Identification.
This is a request for permission to send a file. It contains information such as the origin and destination of the file, its name and physical size.

Resolving The Problem

The changes made will allow a different SFID origin to be specified per partner.
This is a PER PARTNER change.
To use a different SFID :
Add a forward slash ('/') at the end of the current SSID in the Partner's email address (SSID/SFID), followed by the new origin;

Example: Petzone has an email address set to 12345 and they need to have the SFID Origin set to 9876 for data from this partner, the email address in the partner will need to be set as: 12345/9876

If there is no forward slash ('/') present, then OFTP will default to the value passed into the OFTPRemote communications script command.

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04 December 2019