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How to install the FAP Client on an end-user's desktop PC



Customer has installed and configured FAP on a server.
However, they would like to be able to administer it from an end user's desktop/laptop PC (as opposed to remotely connecting to the application server itself).
  • How can they do this?

Resolving The Problem

To install the FAP Client on an end user's PC (for example their Windows 10 desktop/laptop):
1. Install the database client (required for connectivity to the database server)
2. Install the FAP client software.


Naturally you must install the relevant (e.g. Microsoft SQL, Oracle or DB2) client onto the end user's PC. The following steps are based on using Microsoft SQL and Controller 10.2.1.

  • Naturally, if using Oracle or DB2, then the Oracle/DB2 client must be installed instead.
  • Also, the screens/names/folders will be slightly different for different versions of Controller.

1. Logon to the Controller application server

2. Locate the CCR folder

  • TIP: By default this is here: C:\Program Files\ibm\cognos\ccr_64\webcontent\ccr

3. Take a copy of the CCR folder, and paste it into a sensible location (for example a shared drive)

4. Logon to the end user's PC as a Windows administrator

5. Copy the CCR folder (from step 3) to the end user's local hard drive (putting it inside a sensible location such as: C:\FAP\CCR)

6. Create a shortcut to the application "FAPClient.exe"

(for example a shortcut to C:\FAP\CCR\FAPClient.exe)

7. Download the SQL native client

  • For example, the SQL 2005, 2008 and 2012 native clients are all called "sqlncli.msi", but they are downloaded from different parts of the Microsoft website.
  • See links at the bottom of this Technote, for their current location (at time of writing this Technote).

8. Install the relevant client (e.g. double-click on 'sqlncli.msi' and accept all the default options)

9. Test (by using the shortcut created in step 6)


Appendix - Installing the RTM version (only recommended if using the RTM server version)

Alternatively, if you want to install the RTM (unpatched) version of the FAP client, then perform the following steps (instead of the above steps 1-6):

1. Locate the Controller server installation media software

2. Launch "issetup.exe"

3. During the install wizard, choose to install *only* the "Financial Analytics Publisher" component

4. After the wizard has finished, the end user can use the new Windows start menu application "IBM Cognos FAP"

5. Skip to step 7 of the above instructions.


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Modified date:
22 April 2020