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Errors After Upgrading to Maximo Asset Management 7.5



After upgrading from Maximo to 7.5, you may receive the following error(s). New 7.5 installations will not encounter these issues.


1. Error 500 / Null Pointer and/or invalid bindings will be seen on the “Activities and Tasks” Application.
-This error will be seen in an out of the box "Activities and Tasks" application as well as in cloned “Activities and Tasks” applications.

2. Null pointer exception or missing class name will be seen if users have extended any class files that reference files within the following path:

3. Users will not be able to launch from the “Launch Entry Name” field located in the "Activities and Tasks" application.

4. The “Parent Process” field on the “Activities and Tasks” application will be null and read only.

5. When applying a Job Plan with multiple revisions onto a Work Order containing a crossover domain (PMCOMJP2WO) on the Job Plan field, the following error message will appear: "BMXAA408E - The Where Clause is either empty or returning more than one row for the crossover domain specified for jpnum object."

6. A class not found error occurs when applying a Job Plan to a Work Order in an upgraded environment. The class file in the error message is

7. The following errors occur while deleting a classification from within the classification application:
"BMXAA4160E - A major exception has occurred." and "BMXAA3765E - The service PMCOMSR was not found during lookup."

Resolving The Problem

If you have run the upgrade and are experiencing the symptoms mentioned, please contact Maximo Support and request the latest 7.5 Hot Fix.

Symptom #2 will need to be resolved via the following steps, since the Hot Fix will not resolve client customizations.

Solution to Symptom #2

2. Null pointer exception or missing class name will be seen if certain class files have been extended.

    A. Stop the Maximo application server(s) (JVM(s)) .

    B. Update custom class files and remove any reference to files found in the following path: This can be determined by reviewing your A_CUSTOMER.XML file.

    C. Rebuild Maximo Ear Files and Redeploy.

    D. Restart the Maximo application server(s) (JVM(s)).

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17 June 2018