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How to remove "Table" caption prior extracting document in IBM Rational Publishing Engine

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How to remove Rational DOORS "Table" caption in IBM Rational Publishing Engine?


You have DOORS Table inside the Formal Module with "Table" caption set. When extracting Formal Module using Rational Publishing Engine, the "Table" caption exported in the output.


There are two ways to remove the "Table" caption prior to each exported Table:

A. Modify RPE document template:

1. In the "Object Heading" text field, add a condition to filter out

    DEFAULT DOORS table caption "Table"                                      

                Object_Heading != "" && Object_Heading != "Table"

Note: this works ONLY for default DOORS table caption without any modification

B. Modify Table Properties in DOORS:

    1. View -> Show -> Uncheck Table Cells
    2. Right click the Table Object -> Properties...
    3. Delete all chars in Heading, leave it empty

Regenerate the RPE document.

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16 June 2018