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Maximo Cognos Integration - Additional Access Points



In Version 7.5, additional access points have been enabled for the Maximo Cognos Integration so your users can quickly access the Cognos Portal.


For clients using the Maximo-Cognos Integration, your users may want to quickly access the Cognos Portal to run a variety of reports that are accessible from there. These reports may or may not be tied to a specific Maximo application.

To enable this, new access points and security actions have been added to the Version 7.5 release. Once your users have access to the Cognos Portal, they can then navigate to the specific report they want to execute, or they can launch to other functionality within Cognos, like Report Studio or Query Studio, where they create or customize reports.

For more details on this functionality, access the 'V75 Maximo Cognos Integration Guide' from the IBM support site by clicking here.

Additionally, you can find more details on other reporting features by accessing the Maximo Report Wiki Pages available here or the Maximo Report Reference Materials located here.

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Modified date:
17 June 2018