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Ad Hoc Reporting (QBR) Editing



In the 7.5 Release, the Ad Hoc (QBR) Functionality has been extended to enable users to edit the QBR reports they created.


In the 7.5 Release, after you have created and saved your QBR report, you have the option to edit it by clicking on new edit icon next to the report name on the Run Report dialog. Once you click on the edit icon, the QBR report will open in the same dialog that you used to create the report. It opens to the Style tab, and within the four dialog tabs, you can view and edit your QBR report.

Enabling the ability to edit your saved QBR reports greatly enables your users greater flexibility in utilizing this functionality.

*Note: This feature is added in Maximo 7.5. QBR reports created prior to this release do not have this feature enabled.

For more details, screenshots, editing rules and properties settings, download the 'V75 QBR Ad Hoc Reporting Guide' from the IBM support site by clicking here

Additionally, you can find more details on other reporting features by accessing the Maximo Report Wiki Pages available here or the Maximo Report Reference Materials located here. Additionally, you can download a spreadsheet of all report reference materials here

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17 June 2018