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"Could not login to TM1 / SystemServerClientPasswordInvalid" with Cognos Controller FAP and TM1, caused by corrupt data mart definition



A new FAP/TM1 system is being set up. The initial connection to TM1 Server is via the default user 'admin' with blank password. On starting the Data Mart, it appears to connect and the TM1 log shows the process started. Then an error appears on the Log tab: "Could not login to TM1". Hovering over the error line with the mouse pointer shows the text "SystemServerClientPasswordInvalid". Yet the pasword saved in the Data Mart is definitely blank.


Error inside Log:

Could not login to TM1

Hovering over the error line with the mouse pointer shows the text: "SystemServerClientPasswordInvalid"

However, the user has double-checked and the password saved in the Data Mart is definitely correct (blank in their case).


There are many potential causes for the generic error 'Could not login to TM1'.

  • TIP: For more examples, see separate IBM Technote #1664572.

This Technote specifically relates to the scenario where the cause is a corrupt Data mart definition.

Resolving The Problem

Delete and recreate the data mart definition.


1. Make a screen print of the Data Mart tab in the Controller FAP client.

2. Delete this Data Mart.

3. Add it back using the same Periods etc, then admin as the client and no password.

4. Test again.

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15 June 2018