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Modifying a user ID in IBM Engineering Lifecycle Management while using LDAP

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How do you modify a user ID within IBM Engineering Lifecycle Management (ELM) while it is bound to an external LDAP directory?


If there is incorrect spelling in the user ID in ELM, the user ID would not synchronize with the LDAP user ID because they are considered different.
The LDAP synchronization task in ELM uses user ID (login ID) to synchronize user information between the external LDAP registry and ELM. If a user ID does not exist in the repository, a new user record is created. If the ID exists, it updates the record.
Any changes that cause user IDs in LDAP to be different than the IDs in ELM can result in new records being created in ELM for existing users. These new records do not have access to existing artifacts, work items, project areas, and more. Therefore, when you log in with your new user ID, you no longer have access to your data.


To modify a user ID in ELM, you need to temporarily break the link to the external LDAP user registry, which would allow modifications to a user ID. 
  1. Go to Advanced Configuration page in the web user interface:
  2. Change property User Registry Type from LDAP to UNSUPPORTED
  3. Change property Ability to Modify User IDs from false to true
  4. Save settings
  5. Go to the user record and modify user ID
  6. Change property Ability to Modify User IDs back to false
  7. Change property User Registry Type back to LDAP
  8. Save changes

Note for IBM Engineering Requirements Management DOORS Next (DNG):

In DNG, createdBy and modifiedBy entries are hardcoded to the login ID. If the login ID is changed, the entries would not resolve correctly.

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31 January 2023