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Making specific attributes from Classifications required



This documentation provides info on the steps required to have any specification attribute required in any Classification record, that can be applied to Maximo records.

Resolving The Problem

In Maximo 7.x, you have an option that allows you to mark specific classification attributes as required, however, there are some steps that can help you on achieving this functionality, and make some of your classification attributes as "Required". For this, you will need to use the Conditional Expression Manager application.

First off, make sure you are logged into Maximo as user Maxadmin.

You need to create your own Classification record, in Classifications application, as below (i.e. BOBCLASS01, in this example to be used with ASSET object).
Then, create some attributes for this Classification record, such as AT1, AT2 and AT3 below. (in this example we will make the AT2 required)

Then, a record was created on the CLASSSTRUCTURE table for the Classification you added. (Note that the CLASSSTRUCTUREID value for it is 1322)
You can check it by using a SQL Editor against you Maximo database, as below.

Go to Conditional Expression Manager application and insert a new Condition record like this one below (where you would like to have the AT2 attribute required, for the BOBCLASS01 classification):

Go to Security Groups application, search for the security group that your user belongs to, and add a Data Restriction for it, setting the condition for the ASSETSPEC.ALNVALUE (just because all of the classification attributes were set to ALN data type) to become REQUIRED where the attribute name is AT2 (The classification BOBCLASS01 has AT1, AT2 and AT3 as valid attributes)

Save record in Security Groups application, then log out and log into Maximo as an user which belongs to the Security Group you just updated. (BOBGROUP1, in my example)

Go to Assets application, add a new asset, select the BOBCLASS01 classification.

After filling alphanumeric values for AT1 and AT3 fields , except AT2 , this is the message that you will get :

Then once you fill an alphanumeric value for AT2 , the record can be saved fine.

Should you need any assistance, please contact IBM Maximo Support

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13 April 2021