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Cannot select IBM Framework for office COM Add-in and IBM Planning Analytics tab is not showing up in Excel



IBM Planning Analytics for Excel ribbon is not appearing in Excel. You navigate to Excel options to manage the available COM Add-ins then notice that you are not able to check off the "IBM Framework for Office" COM Add-in to make it available.


IBM Planning Analytics for Excel ribbon is missing in Excel and cannot add it from the COM Add-ins. Checking off the box will do nothing. 


IBM Framework for Office is disabled.

Resolving The Problem

 We need to check if the COM Add-in is disabled so in the Office Add-ins window (under File->Options->Add-ins), click on the drop down menu to manage the "Disable Items" and click "GO". The "IBM Framework for Office" COM Add-in will show in the disabled items list.
Steps to enable and activate: 
- Select the COM Add-in from the list.
- Click on "Enable".
- In the Add-ins window, click on manage and the drop down to select "COM Add-ins".
- Click "Go".
- Make sure the "IBM Framework for Office" COM Add-box is checked.
- Click "Ok".
- The add-in should be available to use in Excel.
- Relaunch a new Excel session.
- IBM Planning Analytics ribbon appears again in Excel. 

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05 February 2020