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Fix List for InfoSphere DataStage 7.5.3, Parallel Engine Rollup Patch JR35216

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Fix List for InfoSphere DataStage 7.5.3, Parallel Engine Rollup Patch JR35216


This document contains a summary of fixes included in IBM InfoSphere DataStage, Version 7.5.3 Parallel Engine rollup patch with fixes grouped by component. Please ensure that all of the individual patches you have already installed are on this list prior to installing this rollup patch. If you have a patch that does not appear on this list, please do not install the rollup patch. Contact IBM Technical support to obtain a new patch which can be installed on top of this rollup patch so that you do not experience loss of functionality as a result of applying the rollup patch.

Fix ID
Parallel Engine
ECASE 20959 Password properties appear unencrypted in Echo & Explain Properties in job log reports for Parallel Plugin jobs.
ECASE 58741Group operator does not support certain data types for the max and min aggregator functions on AIX.
ECASE 73191 Buildop will not compile on Linux.
ECASE 73547DecimalToString transform function is not working correctly.
ECASE 75184Problem reading strings in parallel jobs.
ECASE 75956Conductor node is not found when the node is not part of the default pool.
ECASE 77352Nested subrecords are not handled correctly.
ECASE 77726Job compilation error on AIX for ustring datatype.
ECASE 83202Jobs that used to abort, now only issue warning for a match not found in the FilePattern expression in the import operator.
ECASE 87339Transform datatype conversion for character field length of 18 to BIGINT causes truncation.
ECASE 88486File names for filesets are not being processed correctly by import operator.
ECASE 88658Decimal assignments from Stage Variables are incorrect in transform.
ECASE 88679Teradata Enterprise stage is reporting waitonState timeout errors.
ECASE 89006Transform compilation error occurs for character type conversion to integer.
ECASE 90490Use of substring in a field with embedded hex 0 in transform results in incorrect data.
ECASE 90721Numeric num() function in the transformer yields incorrect results.
ECASE 92067 Nested if block in transform is not generating correct code.
ECASE 92496Numeric String Derivation gives unexpected result for parallel jobs.
ECASE 93003Truncation of variable length string for the ColumnExport stage generates a warning that is not relevant.
ECASE 96576File Pattern and File Name Column option does not work correctly in Sequential File stage.
ECASE 98413ODBC Enterprise operator connection errors occur when used with the DB2 Enterprise operator.
ECASE 101340Jobs are failing with block write errror on AIX.
ECASE 101682Incorrect re-use of compiler generated local C++ variable for strings on Linux.
ECASE 102066Lookup Stage has a performance drop for DataStage 7.5.1A and 7.5.2 Releases.
ECASE 103174Aggregator reports the immediate previous value instead of 0 for NULL output which is incorrect.
ECASE 107806Column export does not have support for datatype ustring as an output field type for preserving unicode characters.
ECASE 108134DB2 EE Operator job reports dataset errors for partitions.
ECASE 110769Wrapped stage is not terminating correctly when the parallel job aborts.
ECASE 111053Memory corruption occurs from a DB2 EE Upsert Operator Job run on USS.
ECASE 112783The orchadmin utility fails with connection timeout errors
ECASE 113241Lookup stage drops a row which should not be dropped.
ECASE 118144Lookup table creation performance issue.
ECASE 118556Joining two timestamp fields with non-zero values for microseconds is not working.
ECASE 120621Parallel jobs hang for large number of partitions after applying the patch for ecase 117136.
ECASE 121244DataStage Job compilation error with IBM Compiler V6 which is not reported for IBM Compiler V8 on AIX.
ECASE 123617Support required for CFF stage to save target dataset directly on USS system as a mainfraime MVS dataset.
ECASE 123773 Left outer join operator is reporting incorrect null values.
ECASE 124875Job monitor reports negative statistics for the modify operator in parallel job runs at periodically.
ECASE 125655The BOM file is removed when UTF-16 LE files are created and need to be read.
ECASE 126252Filesets are generating the same name for the subsequent node. This Is causing data loss for the filesets.
ECASE 128154File pattern method for reading multiple files is only reading one file per node.
ECASE 129134Truncation occurs for the string and ustring fields.
ECASE 130437APT_IMPORT_REJECT_STRING_FIELD_OVERRUN variable is not working for varchar datatype with Unicode extension.
ECASE 131642IBM047 code page support required.
ECASE 132266Job fails when import column data uses ustring in the schema.
ECASE 132829Use of Japanese characters in column names for the FTP plugin in parallel jobs results in invalid character conversion.
ECASE 133213Scaled integer support is required in the External Source Stage for MainFrame data processing.
ECASE 135194Time Conversion issue in transform
JR30921Merge is dropping a master record.
JR31129isvalid transform function is not working for datatype int64 for values which are greater than the maximum value for int64.
JR31675Column Name is incorrectly set for output data processing.
JR32005A SAS 9 JOB FAILS for input records less than 7 bytes.
JR32299Import operator does not process the rownumber corresponding to source file row number correctly.
JR32317Datasets failed to get deleted on the physical machine for the mode overwrite option on subsequent run of different number of nodes.
JR32718Time comparison is not working correctly.
JR33128Job aborts with fatal error for fields using null values for trim functions in transform.
JR33161IBM CCSID 1140 and 1141 code page support required for import/export operators.
JR33193TERADATA_LATIN codepage support required for import/export operators.
JR33758StringToDecimal function in transform reports different results for DataStage 751 and 751A Releases.
JR33819ABAP stage aborts for truncated characters in parallel jobs.
JR33828CFF operator does not process special EBCDIC characters on AIX.
FIX IDDescription
DB2 Enterprise and DB2Z
ECASE 131403DB2 Enterprise stage corrupts data read from a VARGRAPHIC column
ECASE 118596DB2zLoad stage is now supported on the Parallel (PX) canvas on HP-UX on Intel Itanium
ECASE 123557DB2zRead stage is now supported on the Parallel (PX) canvas on AIX
ECASE 124713Warning messages without message IDs are received even when successfully loading using the DB2zLoad stage
ECASE 125754DB2zRead stage complains about column names when an invalid table name is entered in a user-defined SQL statement
ECASE 125999DB2zRead stage does not sort data according to the ORDER BY clause when used against non-partitioned tables
JR29413 DB2zLoad stage fails when using a large LOAD statement to load to a remote, partitioned table
JR30609 DB2zLoad stage prints passwords in clear text in the log when verbose output is enabled
JR32587 DB2zLoad stage allocates datasets differently when using FTP than it does when using BatchPipes
FTP Enterprise
ECASE 125136intermittent error running concurrent ftp jobs
JR30705FTP EE Stage doesn't handle paths properly.
JR30861FTP EE suport for absolute paths
Informix Enterprise
ECASE 126397Informix Enterprise stage is now supported on RedHat Linux on x86
JR30199 When multiple jobs using the Informix Enterprise stage run simultaneously, jobs may hang
ECASE 83311Importing a table from Teradata fails at the Import Orchestrate Schema screen
ECASE 83330Locator inforetrieval changed for DataSchema
ECASE 84954char/char(1) truncate append fails.
ECASE 88354The Netezza stage appears to swap the contents of columns when using Remote External Tables
ECASE 88422Localization of Error messages.
ECASE 90276Use name spaces to avoid symbol conflicts.
ECASE 91152SQL Statements are failing
ECASE 95596To update the Stage DSC xml
ECASE 96883Unique External Table Names
ECASE 97533null support to the schema
ECASE 100607Code review inputs
ECASE 103231Remove second instance of CLASS APT_ODBCException
ECASE 104729Parse exception for data types: int8, int16, int64
ECASE 104945Parse exception for "ustring"
ECASE 105791change in the query for tablenames
ECASE 107090Warning message for table Drop
ECASE 107595instantiate product and datastore for locator
ECASE 116470Check changed for ExecUpdate, removed the metadata processing
ECASE 116682Incorrect schema string, for "dfloat" datatype
ECASE 118523NZRead Operator - New addition
ECASE 120011Multi-node (grid)
ECASE 122350Enhancements to support update/upsert operator.
ECASE 123107Problem old version limit 31 chars, new version up to 128
ECASE 126509Appended "nzr" to the fifo name as pid does not suffice in a pipeline scenario.
ECASE 126952support for NULLCHAR_LC
ECASE 127544NULLCHAR changes
ECASE 127544Replacing NULLCHAR=^ with 'N' to support nzload
ODBC Enterprise
ECASE 72985Primary Key error as warning
ECASE 94437Teradata TimeStamp
ECASE 97734Issue with Teradata TimeStamp
ECASE 98413Issues during connection creation, and individually check all return codes.
ECASE 104691Memory Leak in odbclookup
ECASE 105812support for int64 datatype
ECASE 108046Added setCustomConnectionOptions
ECASE 108046Added setCustomConnectionOptions
ECASE 110493Removing implicit conversions for both SQL_DECIMAL,SQL_NUMERIC with scale=0 SQL_NUMERIC and SQL_DECIMAL handled separately.
ECASE 110691Modifed e*Ustring to UTF-8
ECASE 111527Fix for 64-bit ODBC Driver licenses
ECASE 113833Merging issue
ECASE 115247reject link related memory issue
ECASE 119683Invliad syntax and column name.
ECASE 123304Supressed error msgs. In case of dual query.
ECASE 123988Disconnect in doFinalProcessing as new DD driver for Teradata not commiting anything.
ECASE 126743Regression issue with close cmd
ECASE 129568Commit before Disconnect in doFinal.
ECASE 134769Neoview validation.
ECASE 134773Neoview validation.
ECASE 134774Neoview validation.
ECASE 134905Neoview validation.
JR29085disconnect properly in doFinalProcessing
JR29185Handling of binary data.
JR29367Fix neoview issues
Oracle Enterprise
ECASE 54823Node constraint option is not working
ECASE 62474Support added for Binary_Float and Binary_Double datatypes.
ECASE 66921Problems connecting to RAC clusters with the EE Oracle operators
ECASE 117889Wrong length for nchar column.
ECASE 119603Oracle EE stage doesn't support Oracle table name with "#" charactor.
ECASE 121465Not stripping spaces when loading varchars to Oracle DB.
ECASE 122143Cannot use zero-length string, i.e., '', in user defined SQL in Oracle
ECASE 123269Specifying terminator string in the datastage ctl file.
ECASE 124017In Oracle lookup Stage database records are not appearing in output file.
ECASE 126707First column data in the first row is always truncated when reading NVARCHAR columns.
ECASE 126870Remove references to Oracle 7 and Oracle 8i from code.
ECASE 127301Orchestrate schema importerr fails to import Oracle tables
ECASE 127327Query optimization.
ECASE 127395Failing sometimes for not null columns.
ECASE 127671Oraread not populating records from nvarchar2(n) datatype where n is an odd number.
ECASE 128303Option -orapartition in oraread not working when reading a range hash partitioned table
ECASE 128682Problems when connecting to multiple oracle instances in a parallel job.
ECASE 128751Oracle EE stage hangs when reading NCHAR column w/ arraysize option
ECASE 129006DOUBLE type data will be reducing length to 10 in some cases.
ECASE 129281Jobs doing upsert and with an Oracle Date column are running very slow
ECASE 129322Support Loader keyword SINGLEROW added with a new env var APT_ORACLE_LOAD_SINGLEROW.
ECASE 129364Cannot insert Korean characters into US7ASCII Oracle.
ECASE 129474Getting error while runing job with oracle read as input and oracle write as output in multiple nodes.
ECASE 130528Load not working after patches with 129901. Fix: Quote column names in control file.
ECASE 130832Upsert and Lookup processing ustring as string is causing data conversion errors
ECASE 130939Oracle Load changing blank characters into null so that some records are not inserted in the target table.
ECASE 131471Oracle NLS getting wrong value of raw datatype while trying to update the table
ECASE 131554Getting error while trying to append a table having nchar datatype with option APT_ORACLE_LOAD_DELIMITED
ECASE 134115Allow Oracle EE Stage to connect to Oracle 8i servers from post 8i Oracle clients.
ECASE 134117Number columns where scale is negative or scale is greater than precision are not processed correctly.
ECASE 134698Oracle stage should avoid loading into virtual columns of Oracle 11g database.
ECASE 134770Avoid index maintenance on interval partitioned tables of 11g.
JR29041 SCD STAGE cannot connect through Oracle EE. -12154: TNS:could not resolve the connect identifier specified
JR29207Sql statements truncated.
JR29262Unicode conversion errors. Move to OCI character conversion methods. No more ICU.
JR30068 Character sets mixed when writing to Oracle SQL*Loader data file.
JR30392 Make Read, Round Robin partition algorithm non-default
JR30409 Insert statement does not prepare correctly. Buffer overflow.
JR30428 SINGLEROW option does not work with partitioned tables.
JR30476 Upsert should report text of unhandled Oracle error before aborting, and Oracle error not in log if tablespace is full.
JR30485Problems loading to Oracle when table has UNUSABLEINDEX status.
JR30605 Cannot support more than 5 Oracle EE stages in a job.
JR30942 Unbounded variable length strings default to 81 chars causing errors or truncation.
JR30960 SQL*Loader return code cannot be accurately read. Fix: detect the presence of the SQL*Loader BAD log file.
JR32014 Oracle EE fails to connect if the server string is longer than 128 characters.
JR32340 Oracle EE fails to load columns whose names contain special characers ($ and/or #)
JR32525 Job not aborting if orawrite index rebuild fails. APT_ORA_FAIL_ON_INDEX_FAILURE not working.
JR32541 Issues loading character data to Unicode database when NLS_LANG is NOT set.
JR32603 Oracle function in user defined SQL Statement does not work.
JR32630 The sub-operator APT_OraIndexRebuild should be updated to be wave aware.
JR32796 Round robin partitoner clause found slow.
JR32828 Load method should allow trigger and defaults to resolve not null when not in input schema.
JR32939 Avoidable export layer warnings in Load method.
JR33219 Can't insert date strings even as they match NLS_DATE_FORMAT.
JR33242 Load method very slow in comparsion to 7.5.1.
JR33269 Enabled External Authentication for connecting to Oracle.
JR33490 Very large sql statements (>2^16 characters long) fail to parse.
JR33644 Load method fails to load NULLs to date fields.
JR33670 Load method pads varchar2 columns with blanks when preserve blanks option is present (e111395 regression)
JR33836 Unless APT_ORA_FAIL_ON_INDEX_FAILURE is defined, job must produce only warnings.
JR33876 Lookup not processing EOFs correctly
JR33947 Report count of rows rejected by SQL*Loader in DS log.
JR34017 Honor use_strings option of orawrite. [PX sets this option if output link has strings.]
JR34094 Oracle error should abort the oraread stage job.
JR34111 Because of truncation while fetching value, increase buffer for column defined as NUMBER.
JR34323 Fixed length columns acquire addl spaces when using -use_strings option.
SAS Operator
ECASE 19028Convert messages to nls bundles
ECASE 19028Added cast to fix broken comp on Linux
ECASE 19121fixed typo
ECASE 19145Support nls directories & filenames
ECASE 19145Cast return to compile on LINUX
ECASE 19145Propagate -sas_cs to sasin op
ECASE 19145Fix output msgs, multiple schemawanted loop.
ECASE 19145Fix up propsToArgs()
ECASE 19145sas_trans, noSasOut subtest
ECASE 19145Fix dataSetName() to compile on LINUX
ECASE 19145Support resource sasint entry for sas path
ECASE 19145Spell linux correctly
ECASE 19145Fix dubug message
ECASE 19145Call int sas if -sas_cu set, set env at runtime
ECASE 19145Improved NOTE for SAS errout/stdout msg
ECASE 19145NOTEs on SAS list, log; msg improvement
ECASE 19145Use APT_fileLookup(),SAS source file written in sas_cs
ECASE 19145Fix typo in setSourceFile()
ECASE 19145Fix #elif sequence to compile on AIX
ECASE 19145Fix #elif sequence to compile on LINUX
ECASE 19145Add ustring support
ECASE 19145compile error on AIX
ECASE 19145Improve messages, add debug messages
ECASE 19145Support bounded fields
ECASE 19145Improve Input from SAS msg
ECASE 19145add apt_util/converter.h for LINUX
ECASE 19145add APT_GFIX_SASExternUStringBase
ECASE 19145sasint from resource file, APT_SAS_COMMAND
ECASE 19145Do not override APT_SAS_DEBUG_LEVEL -report, 32 character names
ECASE 19145msg improvement, add sasname to SAS out schema
ECASE 19145variable in setIcuMap coded wrong
ECASE 19145collation_sequence debug msg, Use APT_SAS_CHARSET also
ECASE 19145collation_sequence option
ECASE 19479added icu libs to link line
ECASE 19652Double registration of sasop operators
ECASE 24802Fixed some #elif's so they compiled on Tru64
ECASE 24802Removed control-M from end of every line.
ECASE 25819SAS 8.0 on suffix in psds
ECASE 25819Improve error message
ECASE 38239SAS international .psds header support
ECASE 38239Generate psds descripter UString entry
ECASE 39185section header changed in SAS 9.1 SAS_9_NFORM_LENGTH
ECASE 40283Seed to APT_RandomNumberGenerator is signed
ECASE 40386keypunch error fix
ECASE 40386apt_msg edit
ECASE 42282SAS 9.1 on eagle.
ECASE 42282-nonews only not for sas612
ECASE 42282Fix rename
ECASE 45091Fix pdsd overwrite
ECASE 46608check conductor node correctly
ECASE 46608output reason for failure
ECASE 48272Do NOT use APT_NLS for a english constant
ECASE 52877Fix compile error on SUN
ECASE 56475APT_MSG edit
ECASE 62233don't segfault when SAS stops reading a dataset before all of the data has been consumed
ECASE 62714Default log, scan for severity. eImpLogDS
ECASE 62739Unique psds directory
ECASE 62741import schema in a text file, getSchemaFile()
ECASE 62754enhancements to SAS operator in copied/delete
ECASE 62791use nofmterr
ECASE 62791Remove Accidental Commit
ECASE 63634Change ORCHESTRATE to DataStage
ECASE 63634Fix compare
ECASE 63634Change wording in psds header
ECASE 67143APT_SAS_PARAM_ARGUMENT, argument on sas line
ECASE 69618No Skipping the Pos Field for SAS 9.x,getSchemaFromDS
Sybase ASE
ECASE 10693Error processing varbinary data type
ECASE 81305Support load of table owned by another user
ECASE 127870Unable to run Sybase ASE and Sybase IQ stages together in one job
ECASE 128510Null values for decimal columns not updated correctly
ECASE 128510Added support for milliseconds
ECASE 130509Unsupported Data Type" error for user defined datatypes in some cases'
ECASE 130704Job does not abort for bcp copy in failed message
ECASE 132819Problem reading complex query
Sybase IQ
ECASE 69067truncate length in nls
ECASE 94977Add code to handle short read for fixedwidth
ECASE 102072Implemented indp
ECASE 110196indp not allocated properly
ECASE 112807Added new environment variable APT_SYBASE_CONVERSION_ERROR to be set to 'on' or 'off'.(default is 'off')
ECASE 112878Added env to turn off checkpoint for IQ load table
ECASE 113317Truncate table command failure causes job abort
ECASE 113317Truncate table command failure causes job abort
ECASE 127204Better support to get table metadata
ECASE 127870Unable to run Sybase ASE and Sybase IQ stages together in one job
JR29230Implement Sybase Custom operator features
JR32222Added support for fixedwidth load.
JR32523Improve performance of job startup time and table metadata determination
JR33360Fatal ct-library error treated as informational
Teradata Enterprise
ECASE 128712Intermittent failure of jobs loading Teradata tables
ECASE 130430Request to suppress the PX framework warnings within the Teradata operator
JR29811Loading UTF-8 data

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