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Where can you find information about the Planning Component for IBM Rational Team Concert?


There are a couple of articles and documents available in the On-Line Help or on

On-Line Help Articles

Rational Team Concert 2.X

Rational Team Concert 3.X You can refer users to these articles if there are queries about Planning capabilities in 3.0. & 3.0.1 and the Traditional Planning capabilities.
We highly recommend you to read the Rational Team Concert Deployment Guide:
More articles and videos are available from the library

Leverage the Jazz Community
Jazz and Rational Team Concert have an active community that can provide you with additional resources. Browse and contribute to the User forums, contribute to the Team Blog and review the Team wiki.
Refer to technote 1319600 for details and links.

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[{"Product":{"code":"SSUC3U","label":"IBM Engineering Workflow Management"},"Business Unit":{"code":"BU055","label":"Cognitive Applications"},"Component":"Agile Planning","Platform":[{"code":"PF016","label":"Linux"},{"code":"PF033","label":"Windows"}],"Version":"2.0;;;3.0;3.0.1","Edition":"","Line of Business":{"code":"LOB02","label":"AI Applications"}}]

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