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TBSM 6.2 While running radshell command addSlaAttributeToTemplate nothing gets updated for the SLA attributes

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By using the described example to change SLA attributes for a given template nothing seems to be actually updated:
[1]   addSlaAttributeToTemplate("WebFarm",
[2]                          "DurationCount",
[3]                          "WebFarmESlaGold",
[4]                          new String[] {"00","33","00"},
[5]                          new String[] {"00","22","00"},
[6]                          null, 
[7]                          null);


The changes are actually implemented if the makePersistent parameter is also added while running the command, so an 8th parameter with a value of true needs to be added within the command as follows:

addSlaAttributeToTemplate("Slatest", "DurationCount", "test1", new String[] {"00","33","00"}, new String[] {"00","22","00"}, null,null,true);

This is part of a doc APAR opened for TBSM - IJ20724 - and it will be reflected in the documentation after it gets implemented.

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Modified date:
30 January 2020