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Applying Updated Translation Property Files to the TRIRIGA Application Server

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On IBM TRIRIGA Application Platform,, and 3.6.1, some user languages may have issues when rendering the Gantt or Availability sections or when clicking the "Availability" tab in the Workplace Services UX application. This can be fixed by applying updated translation property files to the TRIRIGA application server. (Tri-63631, Tri-62895, Tri-61231)
To import the updated translation property files to the TRIRIGA Application server:
  1. Right-click to download the updated translation properties files contained in the file.
  2. Unzip the file.
  3. On every server, copy the files to the <ServerRoot>/userfiles/Translations/TreeGrid/3.6.1 directory. (If using or, you will need to create a 3.6.1 directory.)
  4. Restart the application server.

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Modified date:
24 July 2020