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CA10: CICS Performance Analyzer for z/OS - Output to JSON Lines



SupportPac CA10 provides sample JSON Lines data output by IBM CICS Performance Analyzer for z/OS (CICS PA), and related user documentation.

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IBM CICS Performance Analyzer for z/OS (CICS PA) V5.4 with the PTF for APAR PH16158 introduces enhancements to output CICS performance and statistics data in JSON Lines format.
This SupportPac provides:
  1. Sample JSON Lines data output by CICS PA
  2. User documentation for the performance and statistics data enhancements 
The sample JSON Lines data can be used with the sample Splunk app for CICS PA, which is available on Splunkbase.
In addition to describing the CICS PA output to JSON Lines, the user documentation also describes corresponding enhancements to the existing output to comma-separated values (CSV) format.
The sample JSON Lines data provides the ability to:
  • Test the sample Splunk app, without requiring the user to forward their own data to the app
  • Test this data in the user's analytics platform of choice, without having to forward their own data
The user documentation describes how to:
  • Use CICS PA to output JSON Lines
  • Install the sample Splunk app and sample data that demonstrate using JSON Lines from CICS PA
  • Get JSON Lines from CICS PA into (i) Splunk, (ii) Elastic Stack
Possible uses
Many data analytics platforms support JSON Lines as an input format. Using CICS PA to output CICS performance and statistics data in JSON Lines format expands the opportunities for analyzing this data.
Modern transaction processing environments are often heterogeneous; a single transaction can involve processing across multiple systems, on and off the mainframe. Making CICS performance and statistics data available in a platform-independent format, such as JSON Lines, makes it easier to analyze this data alongside data from other, non-mainframe, systems. Therefore, enabling more integrated analysis of the overall transaction lifecycle.

Skill level required
  • To use CICS PA to output JSON Lines, users will need to understand how to use the CICS PA Interactive System Productivity Facility (ISPF) dialog.
  • To use the sample data an understanding of the JSON Lines format is required, together with how to use a data analytics platform of choice, such as Splunk or Elastic Stack.
  • To try out the sample Splunk app, users do not need to understand how to use CICS PA. Detailed step-by-step information is provided, in the supplied documentation, on how to install the sample Splunk app.

Author: Rocket Software Inc, in collaboration with IBM CICS Development, Hursley, UK.
Category: 2
Released: 06Mar20
Last updated: 11Oct21
Current Version: 1.1.0


The following minimum prerequisites are required to use this SupportPac: 
  • A data analytics platform to analyze JSON Lines data from CICS PA. Splunk users can use the sample Splunk app for CICS PA.
  • CICS PA V5.4 with the PTF for APAR PH16158. This PTF enhances CICS PA to output data in JSON Lines format.

To view List and Summary reports for z/OS Connect EE SMF 123.1 record data, PTF for APAR PH37264 is also required.

The sample data in this SupportPac can be used with the sample Splunk app for CICS PA, without specifically requiring CICS PA. For this use-case, the only prerequisite is Splunk. Further details on this use-case are in the supplied documentation, in the section headed by text that begins with "Splunk app". Note that the sample data can be used in any data analytics platform of choice; the sample data is not restricted for use only with Splunk.

Installation Instructions

To download the files provided by this SupportPac click the links below.
Details on how to use this SupportPac are provided in the supplied PDF documentation.
Important: To view the sample data in the sample Splunk app for CICS PA, set the time range in the app dashboards to "Presets > Other > All time". Otherwise, the default time range of the dashboards (i.e. "Last 24 hours") will not show the sample data.

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