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Welcome to the App Center Community


Hello everyone,

Welcome to the ECM Application Center! This community is long overdue but as they say, better late than never. I won’t rehash what is already available in other blog entries about the purpose of the community. I will however make the point of its importance to customers, partners, and IBMers. First and foremost, the community is a place where these three key stakeholders can collaborate and discuss in an open forum ECM topics of relevance and importance. The primary goal of the community is to share information with those who have common interest. 

To our customers, you have a forum to solicit and exchange information on ECM topics related to your business. The value here is the ability to tap into the collective knowledge of not only IBM sources but the wealth of knowledge that our business partner community brings to the table. IBM ECM business partners are the most innovative and technically astute business partners you will find in the industry today. Their subject matter expertise and industry focused solution offerings have proven time after time the success that can be achieved when you align industry expertise, product expertise, and the best ECM software products in the industry to solve business problems. Take advantage of this collective information source to help drive better outcomes for your business.

To our business partners, you have a forum to share with others your technical insights and the unique value your company has to offer.  Your active participation in the community is an opportunity to demonstrate industry and product expertise. Insight into best practices and how your company has solved similar difficult problems will demonstrate thought leadership. Insight into your solution offering, technology assets, and past successes will demonstrate experience and “know how” with deploying innovative ECM solutions. The opportunity to gain mindshare is there for the taking when you actively share your knowledge and tangible assets (e.g., sample code, whitepapers, solution assets, etc.).

The community will also serve as a forum for IBM to gauge support demands from both customers and partners and identify areas of improvement. From the perspective of Channel Technical Sales, I hope and expect to find new ways to support our business partners as they interact with the community.

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