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ICM 5.2 Security Model Considerat​ions and Best Practices

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ICM 5.2 Security Model Considerat​ions and Best Practices


IBM Case Manager 5.2 introduced significant improvements to facilitate how case security is managed. Security can now be configured from the IBM Case Manager system by using the case management solution oriented view.

A major portion of the security prior to 5.2 was done in the Content Engine using Administration Console for Content Engine or Filenet Enterprise Management. The Process Engine security for Case Tasks was configured using Process Configuration Console. IBM Case Foundation security provides many options that require the Case Manager solution design team and administrators to understand the IBM Case Foundation system well enough to communicate and implement their business requirements.

The IBM Case Manager security wizards provide the ability to apply case management security settings on a solution basis. The settings are tracked in configuration file that are based on configurable privilege definition. The privilege definition aggregate the various content- and workflow-related permissions and organize the permissions into logical settings appropriate for a case management environment.
This article introduces the basics of the security configuration, as well as best practices and additional business scenarios. It is not intended as an exhaustive source.

This article was co-authored by Steven Hsieh and Johnson Liu.

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