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Displaying Dates in Long Format in ICM using a Custom ICN Plugin

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Displaying Dates in Long Format in ICM using a Custom ICN Plugin


IBM Case Manager (ICM) is a web-based solution that helps customers streamline the creation and management of case workflow. ICM 5.2 is built on the IBM Content Navigator (ICN) framework.

Some customers have requested the ability to display dates in long format. The ICN team designed and provided a plugin, which essentially redefines ecm.model.ValueFormatter class to use a long format as the default in ICN. This enhancement works for ICN widgets as well as ICM widgets which are based on or which extend from ICN widgets. These ICM widgets are:

  • In-basket
  • Case Document
  • Case List

However the initial plugin has no effect for dates in other places of ICM such as:

- Case Information (Properties widget)
- Case History
- Case Comment
- Case Toolbar
- Case History Visualizer (CHV)

One solution is to modify ICM code to display dates using ICN mechanism, which may become available in a future release. In the meantime, for ICM 5.2.1, we still need to address this customer requirement. This article discusses an approach to provide the support by way of a custom Long Date Plugin that extends the initial plugin.


The article containing the code and screenshot can be downloaded here. The plugin itself can be downloaded from this link.

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