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ICM 5.2.1 demo: IBM Case Manager in a Mortgage Processing Scenario

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ICM 5.2.1 demo: IBM Case Manager in a Mortgage Processing Scenario


In case you were not able to attend the IBM Case Manager in a Mortgage Processing Scenario product demo
event on March 12, 2015, or (like many who attended) had trouble with the video quality during the web cast;
you can now view the recorded session of this demo at your convenience.

The demo covers some of the features introduced in ICM 5.2.1, such as: external documents, external data, push in-baskets and To-Do lists, and shows the products through a desktop as well as a mobile user interface.
DataCap (9.0), IBM Enterprise Records, Cognos Real-time Monitoring and Watson Content Analytics are shown briefly in this demo as well.


Click here to watch the recorded demo

Click here to download the Demo Presentation:
Click here for more information about IBM Case Manager.  


We continuously try to improve our portfolio of ECM demos, and any feedback or request you may have is much appreciated.  You can reach me at

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