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Developing ICN ICM Plugin using non-Dojo Javascript library such as jQuery

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Developing ICN ICM Plugin using non-Dojo Javascript library such as jQuery


This article is the first of a two-part series describing our research into using non-Dojo Javascript toolkits in IBM Content Navigator and IBM Case Manager. The first part will focus on how to use the IBM Content Navigator JavaScript model API with jQuery. The second part will describe how to leverage jQuery within an IBM Content Navigator plugin.

Although this article will focus on jQuery, the approach described in this article could be used to leverage other popular JavaScript toolkits with IBM Content Navigator and IBM Case Manager, such as AngularJS, CanJS, Backbone, etc. Both Dojo and jQuery are cross-platform Javascript library designed to simplify the
client-side scripting of HTML. Dojo is the javascript technology developed and used in IBM. jQuery is more popular on the web. While Dojo has a strong support of
internationalization and accessibility, jQuery is used by over 60% of the 10,000 most visited websites.

IBM Content Navigator (ICN) is the standard User Interface solution for IBM Enterprise Content Management (ECM) system. It is the foundation for IBM ECM. A number of IBM products, including IBM Case Manager (ICM), are built on top of ICN, utilizing its repertoire of numerous APIs, powerful features and friendly user-interface.

ICN is implemented in Dojo. It is widely adopted among IBM customers. However, some of the customers use jQuery as their inhouse javascript library. They may not have a lot of exposure to Dojo. These are customers who are jQuery experts and would like to utilize ICN API and libraries in Dojo. On the other hand, there are also customers who are Dojo experts and wish to utilize ICN using jQuery.

In this article, we are going to explore ways to use jQuery and Dojo on the same web page at the same time, and how to utilize ICN APIs from jQuery. We are looking to build a bridge between Dojo and jQuery, two of the most popular Javascript libraries.

The details of the article can be downloaded as a pdf file. And the supporting files can be downloaded from the zip file.

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