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How to view Java heap usage over a period of time with the J2EE agent.

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How to view Java heap usage over a period of time with the J2EE agent.


Occasionally, you may want to view java memory or heap usage over time for your monitored J2EE server.   If you have installed the J2EE agent v7. or higher, you can view this data as follows.    There are several ways to see this kind of data.  The first place to look at is the Garbage Collection workspaces, this will show heap and allocation data usage.    If you want to see this data over time, you will need to turn on History Collection.    You can also check the Server Summary page and combine it with the data in the GC pages to see heap usage over time.    To see historical data, go to the History Collection menu, choose ITCAM for J2EE in the list on the left panel, right-click and create a new Collection setting.   Then select JDK-Memory attribute and the two GC attributes and create 3 unique history settings for each of them.    You will need to wait for  few hours, or possibly one day for a full GC cycle, and then see if any historical data shows on the TEPS for these attributes.

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