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APM 8.1.x UNIX agent and Solaris 10

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APM 8.1.x UNIX agent and Solaris 10


Some clients are still using Solaris 10 in their environment and want monitor these systems using the APM 8.1.4 UNIX OS agent.
Unfortunately the installation is failing although an installation on a Solaris 11 has no problem.

The APM installation guide is mentioned about the Solaris 10 platform:
Optional: This step is required ONLY for Solaris 10. You must create a soft link to ksh before you run the installation script on Solaris 10.


                    Backup the /bin/sh command:
                    mv /bin/sh /bin/sh.bkup_origin

                    Create a soft link to ksh command:
                    ln -s /bin/ksh /bin/sh

                    Confirm that the result points to ksh:
                    ls -l /bin/sh

                    Run the installation script from the directory that is named for the archive file and version:


We know a few cases, where the OS admins only accept this a temporarily "workaround".
So after removing the softlink, the successful installed OS agent was not able to start.

In that case:
change the first line of following 3 scripts from #!/bin/sh to #!/bin/ksh and then give it a try again. Thanks.


start the UNIX OS agent on the Solaris 10 box and see if he comes up and online in the APM UI.

rgs Jens


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