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Widgets missing on DASH after applying 1.1.3-TIV-JazzSM-multi-FP001

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Widgets missing on DASH after applying 1.1.3-TIV-JazzSM-multi-FP001


After applying the 1.1.3-TIV-JazzSM-multi-FP001 on a working DASH 1.1.3 / Tivoli Common Reporting 3.1.3 all widgets are lost, even the installation of the Fixpack finished successful and without any error.


The reason, the WAS needs at least a JAVA SDK 1.7, in fact the JAVA SDK 1.6 is not longer supported.

JazzSM was installed in the past without the JAVA SDK 1.7. So it was necessary to install the JAVA SDK 1.7 from the base JazzSM 1.1.3 package before applying the 1.1.3-TIV-JazzSM-multi-FP001.

Please verify which Java SDK is installed.

   A)  Using the IBM Installation Manager UI



B) IBM Installation Manager commandline

     ./imcl listInstalledPackages -features -long


      you will see an output like;

     /opt/IBM/WebSphere/AppServer : : IBM WebSphere SDK Java Technology Edition (Optional) : :

C) ./ -listAvailable

               CWSDK1003I: Available SDKs :

               CWSDK1005I: SDK name: 1.6_64

               CWSDK1005I: SDK name: 1.7_64

               CWSDK1001I: Successfully performed the requested managesdk task.

Please read careful the README of this fixpack:

To apply DASH v3.1.3.1:
1)Set JazzSM profile to use Java 1.7 if not already set (Ignore this step if WAS installed with Java 1.8)
        If Java 1.7 is not installed, install through IBM Installation Manager by pointing to     WAS installation files repository
           ex: Go to WAS installed path and then bin directory
             ./ -setCommandDefault -sdkName 1.7_64
             ./ -setNewProfileDefault -sdkName 1.7_64
             ./ -enableProfile -profileName JazzSMProfile -sdkname 1.7_64  (Execute this step if profile already installed)
    2) Download 1.1.3-TIV-JazzSM-multi-FP001 from IBM Fixcentral
    3) Create a temporary folder (e.g. /tmp/fixpack or C:\fixpack) and unzip the fix pack zip into it.
    4) Open IBM Installation Manager (IIM) and follow installation process to upgrade DASH to v3.1.3.1
    5) After successful upgrade, open command prompt and go to <JazzSM installed path>/ui/bin and run " Version" and confirm below output shows
            ./ Version
            Dashboard Application Services Hub version:


When the SDK is set to 1.7 or 1.8 you can install the 1.1.3-TIV-JazzSM-multi-FP001 and your Widgets are available as expexcted.


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