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Error 'SQL0206N "Disk_DV.LAT_Mount_Point_U" running the Tivoli Common Report.

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Error 'SQL0206N "Disk_DV.LAT_Mount_Point_U" running the Tivoli Common Report.


While running the Tivoli Common Report Disk Utilization reports for UNIX OS Agent, the report fails with the error message:

                  'SQL0206N "Disk_DV.LAT_Mount_Point_U" is not valid 

At first,  please have a look into your IBM Tivoli Monitoring Warehouse if the table view 'Disk_DV' exits.
If that is the case, then it is a know issue and solved in APAR IV99022

The fix for this problem is identified under APAR IV99022 and implemented  through a change in the data model. 

Which report package to use depends on customer's TCR and Cognos versions.
- Cognos version can be found in cmplst.txt file, in our testing environment, it is under /opt/IBM/JazzSM/reporting/cognos.
- TCR version can be found, for example, under  /opt/IBM/JazzSM/reporting/version. Both information can also be obtained from the report GUI page.

1. If the customer has TCR 3.x and Cognos 10.x, then install OS agent report package, directly using import command, for  example, say is saved under /tmp directory,

    /opt/IBM/JazzSM/reporting/bin/ -import -bulk /tmp/  -user <report login username> -password <password>

2. If the customer has TCR 2.x and Cognos 8.x, then the customer can run report installer to install  

Please contact the IBM support an request the (TCR 3.1) or (TCR 2.x)


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