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Helping us help you - Bitesize Edition

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Helping us help you - Bitesize Edition


Hello folks,


So today I've a couple of quick little tips for you, hence the "bitesize" moniker for this subseries of blogs.  Both of these relate to TCR.


1 -  Can you run both TCR 2.1.1. and TCR 3.1 on the same machine, for example while carrying out a migration?

A - You can, but there's a couple of caveats to bear in mind.  You need to either make sure that the TCR 2.1.1 install is completely stopped before you try to run the 3.1 installation or you need to change the TCR 2.1.1 cognos log port from 9043 to something else to ensure that there's no conflict with 3.1 and then you can run both together.


 2 - Less a question and more a little tip for those people just getting started with TCR - Potential issue with Cognos Framework Manager and Windows User Account Control.


If you are installing on Windows, and are running with the Windows UAC turned on, then you can run into problems with Cognos.  Specifically, you may find that Cognos Framework Manager is unable to connect to the database even if all the tests are successful and it appears that everything is running correctly.   In this instance, if everything else appears to be correctly configured, your only option will be to disable UAC and then the issue should clear.


I hope you find these little hints/tips useful, I will be posting more of these as I come across them.



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