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Making your life easier: Import TPA 6.3 Reports In TCR 3.1

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Making your life easier: Import TPA 6.3 Reports In TCR 3.1



After having several errors importing the Tivoli Performance Analyzer  report  v6.3  I have decided to create a new blog covering the errors , solutions and the right way to import them.

First of all , we have to notice that TPA 6.3  report  are birt report and not cognos report , therefore they can not be imported directly from dashboard using .zip file since although they may be imported correctly   will never work.

NOTE: The environment where we have tested the steps installation was a  Windows 2008 with TCR 31 on windows and  6.3 OS cognos report imported.


Steps for a right importation:

1. Install the OS agent cognos Report using "setup_windows.exe" it is going to import the OS agent report and create a TDW datasource. Once it is done, check the TEST datasource connection and you can run any OS agent report. 

As they are cognos report you can import them using another way if want. More information about importing cognos report in:




2. If we import the TPA birt report ( using "setup_windows.exe" , the report will be imported but we will get the error :

"CTGTRQ010E Processing has ended because of an unexpected error."

Because it can not create/modify the TDW datasource.



3. Copy the db2jcc.jar and db2_license_cu.jar files from db2 path to ...\Reporting\lib\birt-runtime-2-2-2/reportEngine/plugin/

4. Import the birt report ( via command:

trcmd -import -bulk c:\xxxx\


5. Check the reports has been imported:

trcmd -user xxxx -password -list -reports


6. Now , if we run any TPA report from Dashboard/TCR GUI we would  get the error:

"SQL error #1: [jcc][t4][2013][11249][3.62.56] Connection authorization failure occurred. Reason: User ID or Password invalid. ERRORCODE=-4214"

that's why the Datasource has not been created for these reports yet.


7. Create the datasource for these birt report:

trcmd -user tipadmin -password xxxxxx -modify -datasources -reports -reportname "/content
package[@name='Tivoli Products']/folder[@name='Tivoli Performance Analyzer']/
Reports']/report[@name='CPU Workload Forecast']" -setdatasource
odaUser=itmuser odaPassword=itmuser


NOTE: Please , if you are doing a copy/paste of this command , copy it in a notepad in a single line to avoid carriage return , space .....

Once it is performed correctly we will get the message:

CTGTRQ098I Datasources successfully modified.

8. With the following  command , we may check that the datasource has been created correctly:

trcmd -user tipadmin -password xxxxxx -list -report
"/content/package[@name='Tivoli Products']/folder[@name='Tivoli
Performance Analyzer']/folder[@name='OS Reports']/report[@name='CPU
Workload Forecast']"


9. Eventually , using TCR (dashboard) we check that TPA birt report can run correctly without any error.


Thanks for reading, Fran.





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