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Helping us help you - Notes on Report Packages and Upgrades.

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Helping us help you - Notes on Report Packages and Upgrades.


Hello all.


Just a little something to keep in mind when upgrading your installed report bundles.  We've had an issue in the past where a customer had imported product report package, then later imported a new version.  However, the upgraded reports were still using the old data model.

Even after re-importing  the reports, and even after deleting the package from within Cognos Administration, the import wizard still claimed that the package already existed (with its short name) and asked if they wanted to replace the package or rename the newly imported package. 


What we think happened in this instance is that they did not choose to replace it in the first place, and so the new reports ended up linked to the old data model.  Just a little something for you to keep in mind when you're upgrading your report packages, always make sure to choose replace or you can end up getting yourself in a bit of a tangle.


Thanks for reading.




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