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Making your life easier: Importing Reports in TCR 3.1

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Making your life easier: Importing Reports in TCR 3.1


We can use different ways to import the reports in TCR :

1.Using report installer into the report package:

  • via GUI
  • via command (setup_platform.exe/.bin -i console)

2.Through the Dashboard application Services HUB

In this doc, we are going to  use the “report installer” included into the OS report, so that the RegisterPackage script is performed and therefore the tables populated.


1.From the /osreport directory (CD), we run the command :

        windows: setup_platform.exe
        linux/unix: setup_platform.bin

             and the installer windows  is open:


Note: In case we have  problems opening the installer windows.  Error:

 "LaunchAnywhere Error: Could not find a valid Java virtual machine to load”

You have to do:

  • Open TEP browser  or JWS to install IBM JAVA 7.0  http://teps_hostname:1920  or http://teps_hostname:15200
  • Add the path for java.exe  to the PATH variable  (environment variable) and JAVA_HOME
  • If it is windows, check  HLM\software\IBM\Java2 Runtime Environment\currentversion  (regedit) is 1.7 and not 1.5


2.Choose your language and click OK + Next

3.Specify the TCR installation directory + Next




4.Choose the reports you want to install + Next










5.Enter the TCR user name and password (tipadmin) + Next

6.Enter the data source configuration information: DW db, user , password, database type


















7.Enter the JDBC User Credentials: TDW database user and password














8.Enter the JDBC database credentiala: JDBC URL, JDBC drivers





















9.Next + Install























10.A popup is displayed. Check if the installation was successful + Done






















Note:   we can see by using  the “installer package” , the reports have been imported and the “TDW” datasource  created and configured .

Now the WAREHOUSETCRCONTROL  table has data:




Note: MANAGEDSYSTEM  table will be populated after S&P agent has been performed  successfully and having the  WAREHOUSETCRCONTROL table  data.


Thanks for reading, Fran.





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