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Monitoring Web Applications through Transactions

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Monitoring Web Applications through Transactions


During the IBM Solutions for Business Service Management development, we have created a whitepaper around using the ITCAM for Transactions DLAs to discover and build your transaction service models in TBSM. In this guide, we will walk you through configuring your application management console (AMC) agent filters, building your transaction tracking topologies, and importing the transaction/server level data into TBSM to drive value.

The following picture shows the outcome of the guide in a form of a service tree. In this example, you can see with the web application that is being monitored, the monitored transactions as children instances. Each sub-transaction has servers and components associated with it, tying the transaction layer level with the component/resource level. With this parent/child level association, events that affect a resource can be easily propagated upward to the parent transactions.


To continue to read more on this subject, the following white paper is available:

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