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What’s new in JazzSM Fix Pack 1 for Registry Services?

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What’s new in JazzSM Fix Pack 1 for Registry Services?


Registry Services has implemented the following enhancements in fix pack 1.

  • Address situations when a customer may need to rehost a Service provider.  This is generally done when a failover occurs on the Service Provider in a high-availability environment.  When rehosting is necessary, all of the URLs for the provider in the Registry must be changed to reflect a new URL.  When this is in progress, reconciliation is turned off.
  • Ability to allow registration (GET, PUT, POST, and DELETE) of non-OSLC inline resources of URL and string types in a Service Provider record.
  • Support for ETag response and If-Match request headers that prevent updates with a stale version of the Service Provider record.
  • Support placing the Registry Services in read-only maintenance mode.  This is useful when a customer wants to change the location of the Registry Services database.
  • Ability to show the version of Registry Services that is installed in the environment. 
  • Extraction of serviceability logs and problem determination via ISA DC.
  • Support for DB2 10.5 and WAS 8.5.5 by Registry Services.


Other items in fix pack 1 include:

  • Removal of the Bash shell prerequisite. The Registry Services command-line interface now uses /bin/sh on Unix and requires no other types of shells.
  • Ability to run the resource analytics command to generate a report containing statistics related to Registration and Resource Record information.
  • Ability to specify how many times Registry Services must try to reprocess Registration Records that could not be processed.  This occurs when the Resource Record that would be affected by the Registration Record is being modified by another operation.

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