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Getting to know Jazz™ for Service Management and its integration services through the Information Center

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Getting to know Jazz™ for Service Management and its integration services through the Information Center


Technical documents, such as Information Center, are the “front door” of any product. If your product offers a high quality technical document, your client is very likely to perceive your product as a high quality product. A good documentation can even convince any potential customer to purchase your product.

Quality technical information can also help customers to easily and quickly find the information they need. According to the IBM guidelines for writing quality technical information, “You can write quality technical information by making your documentation easy to use, easy to understand, and easy to find.”.

Jazz™ for Service Management Information Center was constructed by a highly qualified team of Information Developers with these guidelines in mind.

This Information Center brings together documentation on our main integration services: Administration Services, Registry Services, Security Services, reporting services provided by Tivoli Common Reporting, and visualization services provided by Dashboard Application Services.

Jazz™ for Service Management Information Center comprises the following main sets of topics, based on common goals:

- Overview

Explains the main concepts , for example, OSLC, integration scenarios, architecture, SMC, accessibility and privacy policies. Not to mention the list of new features and enhancements in Fix Pack 1, summarized for each integration service.

Use this set of topics to become familiar with the integration services, their key features and benefits, and components. For example, not sure what main concepts and components are in Registry Services, then check out the topics on Registry Services concepts and components in the Overview.

Use the What's new topics to learn more about the new features and enhancements of each integration service in Fix Pack 1.

- Installation

Explains the different Jazz™ for Services Management installation scenarios, user types, installation modes, and server topologies.

Use this set of topics to install some or all of the integration services and supporting middleware components. Jazz for Service Management supports different installation scenarios, user types, installation modes, and server topologies. For example, you can perform a full installation of Jazz for Services Management, which installs all integration services, DB2, and WebSphere Application Server on a single server. Alternatively, you can perform a custom installation by using GUI or silent mode, and install only a subset of integration services, with databases created on remote database servers.

- Upgrade

Explains the upgrade of Tivoli® Common Reporting integration service in Jazz™ for Service Management.

- Configuration

Explains the Jazz™ for Service Management configuration procedures through user interface (UI) consoles and command-line interfaces (CLI)

- Administration

Explains the Jazz™ for Service Management administration procedures through UI consoles and CLI.

- Usage

Explains the common use of Dashboard Application Services Hub and Tivoli® Common Reporting integration services.

- Integration

Explains how Jazz™ for Service Management integrates Tivoli® resources with Tivoli® OSLC-compliant products or third-party products.

- Troubleshooting

Explains support and troubleshooting information and provides information to resolve any issues with Jazz™ for Service Management and integrated services.

- References

Explains common directory locations for Jazz™ for Service Management integration services and provides details of CLIs, scripts, and properties files that are used by these services.

PDF files for each set of topics are provided for your convenience, in case you want to review the documentation offline.

Each of these main topics has subtopics where each aspect of each integration service is explained in details.

The first section of Jazz™ for Service Management Information Center contains a list of each main sections that contains changes related to a particular version. For example, the Fix Pack 1 version provides Jazz for Service Management Version documentation section, where you find this list.

By clicking on any of the topics listed in this section, you may find a fix pack 1 label:


This label indicates the places where Fix Pack 1 content has been added.

Go to Jazz for Service Management Information Center welcome page to start using the documentation, and see for yourself what we are talking about.

If you have any suggestions or feedback on the documentation, feel free to post a topic in the Jazz for Service Management forum.

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