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Announcing Availability of Jazz for Service Management v1.1.0.1

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Announcing Availability of Jazz for Service Management v1.1.0.1



Multiple new capabilities in the area of installation, integration, and visualization were added to improve the user experience over Jazz for Service Management v1.1.  Additional Cloud and Smarter Infrastructure solutions have been enabled for Jazz for Service Management for the first time with this release continuing our journey to seed more integration opportunities across the portfolio.  At the same time, we have preserved the ability for our existing customers to incrementally upgrade, and take advantage of these new capabilities at their own pace.   

New in this release:

Improved User Experience for Deployment
To improve the user experience of our Jazz for Service Management deployment we have added a custom workflow option in the launchpad to reduce the complexity of more advanced installations.   It even works for upgrades, or for when you need to go back and add additional services.  When you start a deployment using the custom workflow option, Jazz for Service Management intelligently scans the environment to display the status of your existing deployment if one exists.  It then identifies only those tasks that are required to update a Jazz for Service Management deployment.  

More Flexible Deployment Options for Tivoli Common Reporting
We've added the ability to install and run Tivoli Common Reporting directly into IBM® WebSphere®.  Tivoli Common Reporting can support environments where Dashboard Application Services Hub has not been deployed.  For our storage customers this allows reports to be embedded into native product user interfaces for a seamless customer experience.

Improved 3rd Party User Interface Integration
The ContentBox feature provides the flexibility to include customer content in IBM Dashboard Application Services Hub without having to create custom widgets or deploy a custom WAR.

Additional User Interface Widget support for OSLC Previews in Self Service Dashboards
The following widgets have been updated to support UI preview:  Analog Gauge, Status Gauge, Volume Bar, Value Status Gauge, List, Table, and Tree Table.

Command-Line Interface for Managing Administration Services Task Bundles
The Administration Services command-line interface provides the ability to work with Administration Services tasks without needing to install the full client.

Registry support for IBM Tivoli Monitoring Failover
The resource and provider registries can now be used in IBM Tivoli Monitoring failover deployments.

Improved Serviceability
A sample single sign-on (SSO) application has been added to check for and detect problems with basic authentication and SSO between applications in your environment.
Command-line interface that provides commands to check the health status of Security Services, back up and restore the Security Services configuration, and the version of Security Services installed on the target machine
Ability to show the version information for Registry Services that is installed in the environment.
Ability to generate statistics of Registration Records and Resource Records information.
IBM Support Assistant plugin for Registry Services to help customers with problem determination and log collection.

Currency Updates
Support for Websphere 8.5.5
Internet Explorer 10

Over 62 APARs and Defect Fixes
Quality improvements by service:  Installation (13), DASH (8), Tivoli Common Reporting(5), Administration Services(7), Registry(29), Security(0).

For more details see the "What's new" section of the v1.1.0.1 documentation.

Download and install our v1.1.0.1 release today.

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