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Custom Labels for Gauges

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Custom Labels for Gauges


Gauges available at Dashboard Application Services Hub (DASH) can be used to represent a particular value and the corresponding status. Apart from the value they have an additional capability to show labels (at top and leading edge) which can be configured to a particular column of the selected Dataset. Refer ‘Value Status Gauge’ snapshot below with both the labels.




Have you ever wished that you could configure the labels to something static or a custom text? The solution is real simple. You just need to be in the Edit mode of the widget and instead of mapping a particular dataset column to the labels just type in your custom text and you are all set!




  • Custom labels won’t change with the dynamic updates or via eventing across the widgets.
  • User needs to have appropriate privileges to edit any dashboard widget.
  • Refer this link for thresholding of Gauges.




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