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QlgChangeAuthority() -- Change Authority



QlgChangeAuthority() -- Change Authority


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The QlgChangeAuthority() API has been added to IBM i 7.1.

The only interface that allows a user to change all of the authority information for an integrated file system object is the Change Authority (CHGAUT) command. However, this interface only allows paths to be specified in the coded character set ID (CCSID) of the job, and does not allow certain special characters in the names.

The QlgChangeAuthority() AP provides a new interface that allows the path to be specified in any CCSID and allows the path to contain any valid character in that CCSID.

Service requirements to use the new API:

IBM i 7.1 - PTF SI49845

Refer to the IBM i Knowledge Center for API details → QlgChangeAuthority()--Change Authority (using NLS-enabled path name)

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10 January 2020