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IBM i 7.3 - TR4 Enhancements



IBM i 7.3 - TR4 Enhancements


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The remainder of this landing page intends to make it easy to see the supporting detail for these enhancements, and more.

General Operating System




  • IBM Power S914 model 9009-41A - IBM i native and VIOS configurations
  • IBM Power S922 model 9009-22A - IBM i configurations only with VIOS
  • IBM Power S924 model 9009-42A - IBM i native and VIOS configurations
  • IBM Power H922 model 9009-22H - IBM i configurations only with VIOS
  • IBM Power H924 model 9223-42H - IBM i native and VIOS configurations
  • Simplified D-mode IPL for systems with POWER9 technology
  • IBM PowerVM 2.2.6
  • IBM HMC Virtual Appliance Version 9


  • PCIe3 2-port 24/10 GbE IOA
  • PCIe3 2-port 10 GbE IOA
  • PCIe3 2-port 100 GbE IOA adds Native and Native SR-IOV
  • PCIe3 32Gb 2-port Fibre Channel Adapter
  • PCIe3 16Gb 4-port Fibre Channel Adapter
  • 387 GB / 775 GB / 1.55 TB SAS 5xx and 4k SFF-2 and SFF-3 Enterprise SAS SSDs

Functional Enhancements

  • Unmap for IBM FlashSystems configurations


Application Development 

Rational Development Studio for i 

The RPG language continues to move forward as a Modern Business Language.  RPG ILE has been enhanced to support the parsing of multiple states types (like JSON) with the new DATA-INTO function. 

The new function incorporate the ideas of XML-INTO and RPG Open Access. DATA-INTO imports data from a data document into a data structure. It is capable of handling many types of data documents including JSON, Property files, CSV files, and more.  A 'handler' program is leveraged to actually provide the parsing support. Several sample parses are being shipped with DATA-INTO for parsing JSON documents as well as Property Files. This new support give the IBM i development community an easy way to add support for new data types or even their own private data types. Full details can be found at RPG Cafe once the PTFs have been made available. 

Great article on this can be found at IBM Systems Mag.


IBM i Integrated Web Services Server


Authenticated User - The IWS support has been enhanced to now support the usage of the Authenticated User profile across the connection. This means that the backend ILE program can now be dynamically set to use the authenticated user profile vs using a hard coded value that was required to be set during the setup process 

Web Services Re-Deploy - Additionally the IWS support has been improved to now allow services to be re-deployed vs having to completely remove and then re-install. 

VAR CHar Support -  PCML version 7 now has support the type variable length fields (varchar)

 - User can now define a field of type VarChar

 - Eliminates the need for an extra field to detect field lengths 

 Details can be found in the Integrated Web Services Server Administration and Programming Guide and the Technology Updates web page, which may be found on the Integrated Web Services Product page:

IBM i Integrated Web Services Client

The ability to call Web based APIs easily from your ILE program continues to be improved. 

 Access SOAP Faults from RPG stub PGMs. - Determine what error occurred during the SOAP services call

SOAP infrastructure provides a documented error return structure
  • This will now be accessible from your RPG program
  • Improved error response

Details can be found in the Web Services Client for ILE Programming Guide and the Technology Updates web page, which may be found on the Integrated Web Services Product page:


Compile CL from IFS Source

When looking to leverage new development tools for things like source control management, one of the key requirements is that the source be accessible from IFS. The RPG and COBOL compliers have supported this for a while now.  The CL language is now stepping up to provide the initial level of support.  The following CL commands have been enhanced:



Both the SRCSTMF and INCDIR parameters have been added to allow IFS source

 SRCSTMF parameter has been added to the INCLUDE command so users can embed another source file stored in IFS stream files. 

 This is a key step for being able to now manage your CL source using a source control tool like Git. 


ARCAD Converter for i -   5733-AC1

New updates to provide the best possible experience when converting your fixed form RPG to Fully Free-Format RPG. Updates include better handling for truncation issues, including warning or the ability to auto fix/update. The latest updates will be available in ESS in March.  Details can be found on ARCAD Converter for i.


ARCAD Observer for i -  5733 A01

New enhancements and updates to the 5733-A01 product targeted to help application developers better understand their applications and make the correct decisions as they navigate the modernization journey. The latest updates will be available in ESS in March.  Details can be found on ARCAD Observer for i.

Systems Management

IBM i Access Client Solutions

IBM i Access Client Solutions (ACS) continues its path for being the IBM i tool of choice for administrators, programmers, or database engineers. In this TR, ACS has addressed the needs and concerns of the IBM i user community, providing many  requested updates and enhancements. 

Integrated File System 

The Integrated File System support has been enhance with 2 key features. 

View - Highlight an entry, right click and you can now view select entries.
ACS View.

Permissions - Right click on an object or directory to see the permissions currently set for each entry.
ACS Permissions.png

Printer Output
A new option has been added to the printer output interface. Users can now select to be prompted when downloading a spool file. This can now choose both the path location for the file as well as the format they wish to have this file down loaded in. This only affects the selected entry, and any previous values from preferences remain unchanged. 
ACS Print Prompt.png

Database tool Updates 
Journal Objects - Support for Properties and Change Receivers action has been added to  Journal Objects. 
Journel Update.png

Visual Explain  - Within Visual Explain a new legend has been included to help the user better understand what is being viewed
ACS Visual Explain.png

Run SQL Scripts
ACS Insert Examples.png

Insert from Examples has been updated to include many more examples of how to make the best use of the many SQL Services that continue to be added every year.
For the latest details on the supported services see IBM i Services (SQL)

NOTE:  This is the last planned release of ACS to support Java 6 and Java 7 as a minimal level. Future releases of Access Client Solutions will require an minimal level of Java 8.

IBM Products 

IBM Domino 9.0.1 FP10

  • Upgrade Eclipse to 4.6.2
  • Upgrade embedded Sametime to 9.0.1x
  • Upgrade to JVM 1.8
  • Java 1.6 going out of service
  • Add on installer for CCM
  • Many updates and fixes

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