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IBM i ACS Open Source Package Management Auth Fail Error



IBM i Access Client Solutions (IBM i ACS) Open Source Package Management tool display error "MSGGEN003 - An Input/Output error occurred. (Auth fail)" immediately after the "Connect to SSH" authentication is submitted.


The OpenSSH authentication mechanism on IBM i OS has extra environment items that can cause this issue.


IBM i Access Client Solutions Open Source Package Management tool attempting to make an SSH connection to IBM i OS r7.2 or later.

Diagnosing The Problem

A good approach to diagnosing this problem is to open an SSH terminal session to the IBM i OS and authenticate with the same user profile that is being used with Open Source Package Management.  Address any errors during this signon process.
Next, enter the command "sftp" and authenticate again with the same user profile and again address any errors.

Resolving The Problem

Here are some common issues that can come into play to consider as likely resolutions.
1) It is not recommended to use the QSECOFR user profile with SSH on the IBM i OS.  Use a different user profile with similar authority.
2) If the user profile being used is more than 8 characters in length, use a different user profile or the SSH environment can be modified. To modify the SSH environment to allow longer profile names, do the following.

Add the line, "ibmpaseforienv PASE_USRGRP_LIMITED=N" to the sshd_config file.  A default location for this file is "/QOpenSys/QIBM/UserData/SC1/OpenSSH/etc/sshd_config"

After making the change, end and restart the ssh server.
3) Ensure that the user profile being used has a valid Home Directory. This directory is usually going to be /home/<userprofile>.

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