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OmniFind searching of non-Db2 tables



OmniFind searching of non-Db2 tables


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Refer to this developerWorks article "Searching Spool Files and IFS Stream Files" for more detail on this topic:

OmniFind for IBM i (5733-OMF)

The OmniFind™ Text Search Server for Db2 for i product available for IBM i 7.1 has been enhanced to include additional SQL programmable interfaces that extend its support beyond traditional Db2 tables. These interfaces allow text indexing and searching of IBM i objects such as spool files in an output queue, or stream file data in the integrated file system.

A text search collection describes one or more sets of system objects that will have their associated text data indexed and searched. For example, a collection may contain an object set of all spool files in output queue QUSRSYS/QEZJOBLOG, and/or an object set for all stream files in directory '/home/alice/text_data'.

The text search collection referred to in this documentation should not be confused with a Db2 schema (sometimes also referred to as a collection), or a Lucene collection (Part of the internal structure of a Db2 text search index).

When a text search collection is created, several DB2 objects are created on the system:

- SQL schema with the same name as the collection.

o Catalogs for tracking the collection’s configuration.

o Catalogs for tracking the objects that have been indexed.

o SQL Stored procedures to administer and search the collection.

o A Db2 text search index for indexing the associated text.

Administration of the collection is provided with stored procedures, most of which are created in the schema.

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