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QSQPRCED() accepts Client Special registers



Prior to this enhancement, the QSQPRCED() Process Extended Dynamic API did not allow the caller direct control over the client special registers. As a result, QSQPRCED() based workloads could not take advantage of Client Special register branding as a technique to achieve improved serviceability.


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With this enhancement, the QSQPRCED() SQLP0410 format has been extended to allow any or all of the client special registers to be passed.

The new fields are optional and are allowed to vary from one QSQPRCED() call to the next. The values are not bound into the Extended Dynamic SQL package (*SQLPKG).

Each client special register value is character data type, varying in length up to a maximum of 255.

QSYSINC/H(QSQPRCED) include details:

typedef struct Qsq_SQLP0410 {
char Function;
char SQL_Package_Name[10];
char Library_Name[10];
char Main_Pgm[10];
char Main_Lib[10];


int Cursor_Index; /* @C5A*/
int Statement_Index; /* @C5A*/
int Extended_Cursor_Name_Length; /* @C5A*/
int Extended_Cursor_Name_Offset; /* @C5A*/
int Extended_Statement_Name_Length; /* @C5A*/
int Extended_Statement_Name_Offset; /* @C5A*/
char Concurrent_Access; /* @C8A*/
char Reserved_Space2[15]; /* @C8A*/
int Client_Info_Userid_Length; /* @C9A*/
int Client_Info_Userid_Offset; /* @C9A*/
int Client_Info_Wrkstnname_Length; /* @C9A*/
int Client_Info_Wrkstnname_Offset; /* @C9A*/
int Client_Info_Applname_Length; /* @C9A*/
int Client_Info_Applname_Offset; /* @C9A*/
int Client_Info_Programid_Length; /* @C9A*/
int Client_Info_Programid_Offset; /* @C9A*/
int Client_Info_Acctstr_Length; /* @C9A*/
int Client_Info_Acctstr_Offset; /* @C9A*/

/*char Statement_Data[];*//* Varying length @B5C*/
/*char Extended_User_Defined_Field[]; */
/* CHAR[] @C5A*/
/*char Extended_Statement_Name[];*/
/* CHAR[] @C5A*/
/*char Extended_Cursor_Name[];*/

/* CHAR[] @C5A*/
/*char Client_Info_Userid[];*/
/* CHAR[] @C9A*/
/*char Client_Info_Wrkstnname[];*/
/* CHAR[] @C9A*/
/*char Client_Info_Applname[];*/
/* CHAR[] @C9A*/
/*char Client_Info_Programid_[];*/
/* CHAR[] @C9A*/
/*char Client_Info_Acctstr[];*/
/* CHAR[] @C9A*/


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14 January 2020